Jason Holloway

Creative Director, nm+u

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Facebook: Turning Social Into Sales

Room 255

Content? Check. Fans? Check. But what’s next? Learn how to supercharge your social. Expand your reach, grow your influence, target the right audiences, and bring home the sales.

Agent Sessions Technology

Pre-Conference Session: Marketing Summit for Brokers and Marketing Leads

Room 356

Come learn about how BHGRE® tools, content and marketing resources can power your company’s business against the most important trends driving the real estate business today. Beyond unique company level marketing strategies, you will learn how your agents will directly benefit from these tools and resources to help drive productivity. In this session, experience first hand how the right marketing and branding can be a critical component of retention and attracting new talent to your company.

Broker Sessions Marketing

Pre-Conference Session: Marketing Summit for Agents

Room 355

Being a member of the BHGRE brand family means that you have unique and powerful tools to help you stay relevant with your clients 365 days per year and to help you stand apart from your competition. This session will give you insights into what tools, content and resources you have at your disposal, but more importantly how you can use them in new and exciting ways to supercharge your business. Take your marketing to the next level by joining this important session.

Agent Sessions Marketing