Tracy Whitmore

Senior Account Executive

Tracy Whitmore is the Senior Account Executive at Terradatum, a leading provider of advanced real estate analytics software products and services. Tracy joined Terradatum in February 2017, bringing more than 10 years of experience in real estate technology education. From developing learning materials to teaching classes, Tracy has helped hundreds of brokers and agents run their businesses more effectively and efficiently by adopting technology.

My Sessions

Panel: Recruiting with the Power of the Brand

Room 250

Learn how to craft the value of the brand, your company and YOU into impact statements that move agents.

Broker Sessions

Vendor Session: BrokerMetrics® Tips and Tricks

Room 351

Brokers, managers and owners, use real-time, current agent production metrics to build and retain the team that fits your culture. The Broker Suite of tools in BrokerMetrics (Proficiency Metrics and Market Share) allows you to check statistics to make sure you get, and keep, the right agents while staying informed about the competition in your area. Join this session to learn tips and tricks for using the system more efficiently and effectively.

Find out how to:
• Search for agents by market area,

Broker Sessions