Matthew Ferrara to Speak at Owners’ Retreat!

We are thrilled to announce that Matthew Ferrara will be a speaker at APEX 2018!


Matthew Ferrara is a philosopher, writer, speaker and photographer. He works with the leading sales, marketing, brokerage, and technology firms around the globe to develop service experiences and professional development programs that satisfy customers and drive performance.


As an entrepreneur, he has built multiple firms including an international training organization, a nation-wide help desk, a strategic consulting firm and a creativity retreat company. He has worked in 49 states, 16 countries and multiple languages leveraging a unique blend of business acumen, creativity and operational ingenuity for his clients.


In his session “Be. Brand. Build.”, Ferrara will explore the connection between core values, brand message and strategy. He will also share insights on the five things that he deems necessary to stand out, communicate value and drive growth. His powerful advice is an eye opener!