Our agents who attended felt it was worthwhile and were charged up.

All reports from our side are very positive with words like ‘relevant’, ‘edgy’ and ‘fresh’ used often.

That was a great event and so much fun. I’m going back to the office and spreading the word.

The energy at Fusion was a shot in the arm.



My hat is always off to Sherry and staff for making every event we attend top notch. Everything was perfect and memorable

I loved the recruiting and training sessions, excellent content

BRAVO!!! You more than outdid yourselves again

This event always leaves us feeling encouraged and rekindled to be more productive in our business.


Top Agent

The BHG brand is amazing and I am so proud to be a part of such a dynamic company and brand. I have never experienced such a level of gratitude for my success. I love you guys!!!!!

Very Outstanding. Lots of content. Good night time events. Very Professional.

Most Awesome. I felt privileged, loved the learning side and getting to know more great agents on a more personal level.

First Class all the way!